Advanced SystemCare Portable Version

Advanced SystemCare portable version is the solution for anyone who wishes to keep and run the popular software in and from their USB drive or for whoever wants to use the portable for the purpose of preventing more burden on the system. Unfortunately, when you visit the official download page of the product, you won’t find any portable edition whatsoever. If you want to have its portable version, then you have to create it yourself. It is easy, though. The only tool you need to make it happens is the program itself.

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How to create Advanced SystemCare portable

  1. Download the installer of Advanced SystemCare (ASC) free edition from the developer’s site or Softpedia.
  2. Install the program and launch it once the installation is completed.
  3. The first screen you will see is an introductory screen. Skip it by clicking on the Close (X) button.
  4. Click on “Simplified Mode” and switch to “Expert Mode”.
  5. switch mode

  6. In Expert Mode, click on “Toolbox”. Then, click again on “ASC Portable Version” to show up the portable generator window.
  7. asc portable version

  8. Clicking on the “Generate” button creates the portable edition which is saved to your desktop by default. It is saved as a zip file under the name of “” so you have to extract the content when you want to use it later. If you want to save it to another folder, you can change the save file path by clicking on “click here to change the default path”.
  9. save the generated portable to custom folder

  10. After changing the file path, click on the “Generate” button.
  11. A message appears after the generation is completed, notifying users that the portable version has been successfully created and users can open the folder location where it is saved by clicking the “Open file location” button.
  12. open folder where the portable is saved

  13. Finally you can extract the whole content of the zip file to a folder. Click on “ASC.exe” to run the application.

That’s it. That’s the whole process of making Advanced SystemCare portable. Now you can run the application anytime and anywhere from your USB drive. You can also get rid of the installed ASC from your hard drive and use only the portable if you want to. Honestly, I have no idea why the developer doesn’t simply provide the download link of a portable edition on their download page. It is indeed easy to create one yourself but it would certainly be much easier if users can just download and use it right away. Even so, thanks for providing us this great program as a freeware and this portable generator tool within the package, IObit!

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